¡Everybody wants more money!

Eurakos is an App that gives you more money to shop in your favourite shops.

Your money will grow

Your money will grow

Buy more!

Buy more!

The revolution in the way we sell!

No subscription fees, no transaction fees & no profit loss.

You will get money in advance & loyalize your customers.

And... everything will be done on your phone!

How does it work?

Having more money for your expenses sounds good…, but you don't yet believe how this can work, right?

You know what you buy and how much you spend

Assuming that businesses appreciate and reward customer fidelity, Eurakos App puts both parties in touch, customers and shops, so they both win.

With the Eurakos method, if you know you will be spending €25 every week at the local butcher shop, you can open a basket with €50 to cover the groceries of the next 2 weeks. You just need to add the funds you want to your account.

**You can open baskets for different categories in which you usually spend. You will find all the businesses that accept Eurakos in the App! Download Eurakos app now :P**

You deserve it!

Shops that are close to you and in the category you choose will receive a notification with the money you are looking to spend, and as if it was an auction, you will receive different offers from which you'll be able to choose.

For example, let's say you receive an offer of 10%, one of 15% and another one of 20%. These values are not discounts, but percentages of extra money. With this, your €50 will become €55, €57,50 and 60€ respectively. Money you'll be able to spend in the business you accepted the offer from.

The business will win or loyalize a customer and it will be able to get the money in advance. And you will get more product for the same initial budget.

Your baskets will grow!

Go shopping and come out with more stuff in your cart without paying more! You don't need to spend the whole amount of your basket in one visit, you can shop under the same conditions for as long as you have balance in your basket.

Forget the wallet, cards & checks! Pay with what you always carry around anyway, your phone!

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